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Compliments of Tomas Carillo via Flickr

“Think first about what you want and where you’re going.” [Don Aslett].

Organization reduces stress because it enhances your reputation (Hayes, 1993). Moreover, McCormack (1985) argued that your boss is judging you on three criteria: (1) commitment; (2) attention to detail; and (3) immediate follow-up. Inadequacy with regard to organization makes the fulfillment of any of these three items difficult. McCormack further explains: “I believe the way an office looks – how neat and clean it is, how streamlined it is set up – can have a profound effect on how quickly things get done…; When you walk into an office that looks disorganized, you start to feel disorganized” (1985, pp. 239-240). Feeling overwhelmed can easily set in once clutter, or “life plaque” (Blanke, 2010) has begun to accumulate. The elimination of stuff brings clarity into a space in which chaos has been eliminated.

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