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The following is a guest blog post from Ms. Teauna Upshaw, Human Resources Director at Schwan Cosmetics USA

People resignations, five-star service, manufacturing execution and business success.  All these results are dependent on the internal organizational dynamics.

As professionals we waiver on reasons of why people leave, the root cause of why the products did not execute on time or efficiently, and we then identify or learn why we have customer complaints.

What if you had no control of the results of the execution, due to the organizational culture?

  • Do you have the courage to accept the dynamics of the organizations and the state of success, even if you are not satisfied as a professional?
  • Will you stay and weather, lead the change, or separate?
  • How strong is the impact of an organization’s culture?

The choice is an individual’s option to take necessary action. The individual can be a professional, leader, employee, or owner. We can stay in our lane, execute our tasks assigned, or drive change to achieve a different perspective of success.

If the dynamics of the organization are stagnant, then the results will remain the same if nothing changes. Change includes mindset, behaviors, systems, processes, and perspective.

An organization can be successful at any point of a journey, but over time, the results will shift because they must. As we fail, we will succeed only if there is change. When there is change, there is a shift. Any shift will contribute to a different outcome and address ongoing external threats. If organizational development is misunderstood then the business will continue to operate at the same level, successful or not successful.

There is a choice to be made from leaders.



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