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Compliments of Howard County Library System via Flickr

I felt so abused, so punished, so violated, so deeply hurt, and eventually very angry that I could not defend myself.” The Civility Solution

Forni suggests that rudeness flexes the “strength” of others. It is in his estimation an attempt to “…show off, dominate, intimidate [and] coerce.” Turn the page…

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Compliments of Josie Fraser via Flickr

Feedback given in a spirit of mutual support is a world away from the punitive, one-sided, backhanded approach that is so characteristic of egocentric individuals. Those who are uplifters, who seek to positively contribute to other people’s lives, do not display their character (or lack thereof) in a mean-spirited fashion. These individuals are too noble to go for the jugular when it’s exposed, or when someone else is unable to fight back. If you have an issue with someone and if you behave in a manner which is underhanded, stingy, and vengeful, in the end whom will you have helped? Be assertive – persistent in a nice way, in a manner that respects the boundaries of those around you. For a narcissist, the emphasis is on building self importance through other denigration. The only sense of power and importance they derive is from destroying the inner scaffolding of those they perceive as enemies. Turn the page…

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