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People with a lack of restraint behave poorly. The Time magazine special issue entitled “The Science of Good & Evil” describes psychopaths, narcissists, and narcissistic psychopaths who embody the trait of evil; people who regularly engage in manipulation, profiteering, and unmitigated self-concern. Would these same individuals (and those who display similar traits on a more sporadic basis) be less inclined to misbehave if their paycheck was impacted? If the rules, guidelines, and standards of conduct were communicated (and enforced) so that expected norms were indisputable? The Tennessee Model Abusive Conduct Prevention Policy provides guidelines for civil behavior, and a definition of evil conduct: Turn the page…

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I hate her too, with her knowing reproachful eyes that call me a coward, a monster . . . The Hunger Games (p. 118).

A recent Wall Street Journal article urged managers to acknowledge workers when they perform well – e.g., to express their gratitude for civil conduct. This conclusion is partly based on the research of Dr. Christine Porath, associate professor of Management at Georgetown University. People repeat what is reinforced (a basic tenet of motivational theory). They are less likely to do so if you say nothing. Turn the page…

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