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Self-awareness, empathic concern, relational competence, and ability to “fit” within teams comprise EQ. Traits that should be part of our everyday repertoire appear as mere “flashes in the pan” that we retrieve to show off for our bosses. How do we act when we are stuck in traffic, caught unexpectedly in a queue, angry, or on a slow boil to self-righteous outrage or frustration? Can we keep ourselves in check when circumstances challenge our better nature? The acid test of EQ occurs in tense conflict, when someone has ruffled our feathers or stepped on our toes. Can we refrain from bombastic, unreasonable demands that destroy our relationship? Short fuse occurs in a split second, before our rational “thinking” brains have a chance to intervene. Guardians of EQ in their homes/companies have a responsibility to exhibit the following: Turn the page…

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Apologize – it’ll do you both good. The King’s Speech.

In our quest for self-importance, we can lose sight of our “messes.” The exploitative mindset has leached into society, blanketing our psyches with inappropriate ways of viewing peers. When we trample those around us, the respectful course of action is to make amends. “If you’ve done something wrong in your dealing with another person, it’s as if there’s an infection in your relationship.” According to Pausch, an apology should consist of the following three phrases: Turn the page…

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