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compliments of M Reza Faisal via Flickr

In a recent WBI blog post, Namie (director of the Workplace Bullying Institute) stated: “It’s getting harder to find apologists among the sports cognoscenti at ESPN to defend the Miami Dolphins designated bully Ricky Incognito.” As experience informs policy, resulting behavior becomes gentler. Low expectations lead to tolerance and looking the other way. Turn the page…

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Compliments of marsmet521 via Flickr

I was recently posed the following question: “Are bullies sociopaths?” A few instances of bullying behavior do not a sociopath make. I do however think the majority of sociopaths are bullies. In School Bullying, Tools for Avoiding Harm and Liability, McGrath (2007) describes the following characteristics of school bullies: [they are] aggressive, lacking empathy, preferring violent behavioral expressions, entitled, self-absorbed, devoid of responsibility, and impulsive. Turn the page…

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