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Compliments of Viktor Hertz via Flickr

In the movie “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest the character known as “Big Nurse” behaves in a rigid, rule oriented manner. She is a “cold, precise woman with calculated gestures and a calm, mechanical manner” who treats her patients as if they are on a level playing field with children. Turn the page…

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Compliments of epSos.de via Flickr

“I will not hurt myself again today” (A Course in Miracles). 

The byproducts of poor thinking are a testament to destructive thinking, and to the absence of its opposite. In the realm of diseased reflection musings emanate from what Goleman (1995) refers to as emotional hijacking – a state in which your mind is seized by a negative or worrisome thought, ratcheting obsessively on the troublesome issue until you become exhausted.  Turn the page…

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