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Compliments of Harald Groven via Flickr

In the 1930s Weber defined bureaucracy as a controlled, neatly sorted environment that flowed from the chain of command. He specified that:

  • there be a hierarchy of offices;
  • the hierarchy entail a systematic division of labor based on specialized training and expertise; and
  • the performance of duties be governed by written rules.  Turn the page…
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Compliments of JoeinSouthernCA via Flickr

“The best bosses balance performance and humanity, getting things done in ways that enhance rather than destroy dignity and pride” (Sutton, 2010, p. 38).

Last week I learned of a breakthrough innovation within the Nashville Metro School District: Teacher Led Schools. The Jere Baxter Middle School follows the lead of others (e.g., those located in Los Angeles and Milwaukee) that are also experimenting with this empowering concept. Teachers in essence will be “calling the shots;” deciding whom to hire, what type of in-service to offer, and how their schedules should be structured. The rationale is that teachers who are trusted will be happier, and will as a consequence perform better. Turn the page…

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