Compliments of Dave Rogers via FlickrIn the opening scenes of Jurassic Park, we see the noontime meal lowered into what will soon become a feeding frenzy. Upon reaching its destination, a multitude of raptors ravenously tear it to shreds.

In a behavioral sense, bullies (particularly in packs) operate in much the same manner. They feed on other people, jumping on the bandwagon of disrespect, trying to outdo the members of their motley crew.

Abusers deface compatriots without conscience, figuring that if someone “allows” themselves to appear vulnerable (or if they are in a vulnerable position by default), they had it coming. If bullies devour their prey, soon all that will be left are the brutish (and those who tacitly act out of fear to support them).

Live and let die should never be the workplace mentality – certainly not from companies that care about the welfare of workers, and the tangential fallout of increased health care costs, decreased morale, and an escalation in turnover of valued employees.

Raptors uncontained and uncorralled breed more of the same – until the workplace is transformed into a survival of the most serpentine. If raptor like behavior is ignored (or in the worst case scenario rewarded) – then you as manager will have contributed to a culture of fear.

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