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Are you surrounded by people who continually have to be told what not to do? What a different world it would be if individuals were proactively considerate, rather than doing as they pleased (and expecting those affected to “come to them”). Reactivity is the laziest of options for people who either don’t realize (or who don’t care) that they live in community.

360 degree surveillance applies to looking in all directions to assess your impact (and any potential damages), then adjusting your behavior accordingly. The attitude of “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission” – or worse, bulldozing your way across others who dislike your encroachment – may get you short term gains, but will lose you major points in the poll of public opinion.

How do you want to be remembered – as the spoiled brat who steamrolls opposing forces, or as a peacemaker who does his or her best to ensure that all sides are heard? Transparency is key in this process, as is information sharing, being on the up and up, and behaving above board in all of your dealings. If you did these things people would feel less like they were blindsided, and more like they were a part of your plan. Realize that the key is not to get you own way, but, to ensure that the penchant to have yours doesn’t get in the way of other persons.


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