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In “The Holographic Universe,” Talbot describes research which suggestsa deeper level of order in the universe exists.” Given the right circumstances and events, he further argues that new patterns of thinking and viewing the world may emerge.

Civility education may engender actions that are in alignment with this foundational framework. While angry outbursts and covert sabotage breed chaos and counterproductive work behavior, civility results in what Jaworski terms “synchronicity.”

In united action meetings proceed effortlessly of their own accord, whereas one member’s contributions seamlessly flow to the next. The resulting product is one that would have been impossible had the team not been acting in tandem.

If better working conditions then arise, it would behoove organizations to find ways to orchestrate a sort of quantum unity in which connections can occur. Recently, (SHRM) stated that it was important for organizations to have civility policies in place. If the underlying universal tendency is indeed order, its message is right on target.

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