Compliments of Hoola Tallulah via Flickr

Compliments of Hoola Tallulah via Flickr

Who inspires you?

Heroes come to mind. Those who sacrificed when it wasn’t easy, performed difficult tasks despite the danger, and who unselfishly provide better lives for other people.

Certain individuals (due to character, circumstance, and/or sheer determination) compel us to become better versions of ourselves. They accomplish mind boggling amounts of work in the time it takes the rest of us to watch a sitcom, consistently performing at their personal best. They port with them a distinction of professionalism and grace to every endeavor. Courageous, unafraid to speak their minds, they proactively leave their surroundings better.

An embodiment of these traits is Professor Emerita of Marketing at the University of Houston, Dr. Bette Ann Stead, “a trailblazer figure for Bauer College and the Houston business community.”

She graciously served (for me) as mentor, sounding board, advisory member, coauthor, and currently, as friend. Her influence within the University of Houston community has been (and continues to be) transformative. Philanthropy is not confined to monthly contributions, but is contained in a generosity of spirit shared with those around us.

A heartfelt “thank you” to a colleague on whose shoulders I stand.

Your strength continues in those you touched.


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