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Hello. . . it’s me. Adele.

Tickets for Adele’s North American tour sold out in a matter in minutes. The popularity of this artist is undeniable, with over 3M copies of her latest album selling in the first week of release. One reason (other than her remarkable talent) is the latent fantasy many of us harbor: to be a crooner who can belt it straight from the heart.

We don’t all need to be singers to architect an impactful change effort. The anti-bullying movement, spearheaded on the workplace front by Dr. Gary Namie, has been a slow moving tsunami in terms of information, advocacy, support, resources, and mass education across America. His undertaking prompted spin off movements that flooded social media, and enlisted interested parties. Bullying literacy was his own version of serenade with a far reaching reverberation.

Everyone is capable of bursting forth in his or her our own unique song.

It’s simply a matter of opening our mouths.

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