Compliments of Twentyfour Students via Flickr

Compliments of Twentyfour Students via Flickr

Materialism engulfs us – things piled high within inaccessible recesses that decay (both metaphysically, and within our minds). Mesmerizing commercials, infomercials, neon billboards and subliminal messages tantalize us to buy even more – when what would be most helpful (both to our pocket books, and to our peace of mind) is to stay put.

Lately, have you inventoried your possessions? Behaved as domestic anthropologist in an excavation of the nooks and crannies within your attic, basement, garage, and triple dresser drawers? In doing so you not only construct a mental catalogue, but beyond that, a discovery of things that could be useful in your everyday life.

The stained glass motif (below) was hiding in the bottom of my hope chest for the past thirty years. It is the exact color, style, and wood grain match to the furniture and color combination in my bedroom. A call to the handyman (and thirty minutes later) it was hanging in my bay window – a perfect match to items purchased years later.

DSC00282 (2)

What do you have lurking within corners that you could possibly use? Could an unseen force, one working a behind the scenes, conduct interweave of which you are unaware? Putting the puzzle pieces together (through finding missing pieces) solidifies our moorings, sharpens our perspective, and moves us forward.

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