Compliments of barnyz via Flickr

Compliments of barnyz via Flickr

Where there is no vision, the people perish. . . Proverbs, 29:18

Meditation helps to develop presence – allowing us to take stock and to act as participants in our own lives, as opposed to mere passersby. It’s within these hushed interludes when we access the unobstructed portal – the realm of all possibility which embraces our wildest dreams.

Dan Harris (meditation enthusiast), describes how we typically live vision squandered – wandering in a fog of either past regret or worrisome presentiment. An envisioned trajectory – one in which we view ourselves as gently guided by an unseen force – is quite different (by comparison) to an anxious interweaving of obsessive thought, combined with a canvas of envisioned gloom. During mental tranquility revelations, the excavation of our hearts’ desire (and a plan toward its completion) can occur. The jewels we seek lie accumulated in a vast storehouse of untapped intuition.

Have you rummaged through your mental repository lately? If not, carve out space to be quiet, alone, and separate yourself from all distractions. Monasteries have now become a popular vacation destination – places where people unplug, untether, and free themselves from the myriad pings/rings that divert their attention. Your routine could be as simple as closing a door, playing soft music, and lighting a candle. What inspiration bubbles to the surface? A constant buzz of activity (both in our lives, and in our heads) can smother mental artistry, and our path to self-fulfillment.

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