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Compliments of Miami University Library via Flickr

Compliments of Miami University Library via Flickr

In the age of “selfies,” it’s uncommon to see individuals promote other persons. Electronic braggadocio through Facebook, Twitter, and the multitude of social media broadcast triumphs that few others would consider accomplishments.

People would take notice if you actively promoted some of their own prideful moments. Tooting another’s horn attracts reputational capital. More importantly, it makes you feel good. It’s a form of digital citizenship for the betterment of both the poster and the recipient. Has anyone impressed/helped/informed/improved your life lately? Why not tell them, instead of keeping their contribution to yourself?

Your initiative might set into motion a chain reaction that dominoes across media platforms. Whereas we often voice our complaints, seldom do we stop to acknowledge someone who’s improved our everyday lives. Doing so breeds a caring, compassionate society, and an interconnection that’s part of a larger collective.

Each day take time to acknowledge the shoulders (both large and small) on which your continuance rests. None of us makes this journey alone. A vast and intricate support system is the foundation of our achievements. If you made a point to acknowledge one person/week, through phone call, letter, or computer, it would probably take years to even scratch the surface. The pleasure you evoke in someone else will pale in contrast to the gratitude you subsequently feel.

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