Compliments of johnwilliamsphd via Flickr

Compliments of johnwilliamsphd via Flickr

Mistakes appear as we rush through our day without focus. There never seems to be enough time to do things correctly, but we always find time to do them again.

Mindfulness is singular concentration on a particular task. In Success through stillness: Meditation made simple, Simmons recommends that just twenty minutes of morning meditation (incited with a mantra) can make us far more productive. Quieting the distracting, competing thoughts that bubble to the surface is a first step in controlling your mind’s traffic.

You will gain efficiency when you entertain positive thoughts.  In considering the day at hand – what if you concentrated on achieving great results, as opposed to obsessing on catastrophes?

As rulers of our kingdom we have free reign over its contents. Be mindful of what you retain.

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