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The average person achieves a fraction of their true potential. I wonder if this has anything to do with the way we envision our lives (?) Do you see yourself in a self-deprecating, one down position in which you settle for remnants?

Do you view yourself as a conqueror, or as a person who is more frequently cowed by their circumstance? Our expectations are the most powerful indicators of who we become.

One of my graduation cards displayed the following sentiment: Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blue print of your ultimate achievements.” When we cease to dream, we desist in being our best self. What’s needed then are conditions that suspend our current reality so we can expand. Jack Canfield suggests surrounding ourselves with “idealists and visionaries.” This process begins with a more nurturing attitude, one in which we don’t behave as our own worst enemy.

I think that many don’t dream because they’re afraid of disappointment. If the ball set in motion creates even a fraction of your “blue sky vision,” you will still have succeeded. Dreams induce positive motion, which sets in gear the appropriate process. To achieve, you must cast aside the image of yourself struggling through life.

  • To be who you want begin with behaving the part. Do you present your best persona in terms of an impeccable appearance? Are you fully engaged at any event, and do you give every endeavor your all (both behaviorally and technically?). Your projected image begins with preparation.
  • Have you made plans? These can include baby steps to get you where you need to go – e.g., a “possibilities” book that contains pictures of what you desire, along with a timetable of when you’d like these events to occur. Your subconscious will follow suit with the respective course of action.
  • Engage in activities that propel you toward your goals. Do you need to meditate, learn a new skill, socialize with a different crowd, read more, go back to school, or engage in aggressive networking? Realizing your dream will require effort on your behalf.
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