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Compliments of Anubis from Memphis via Flickr

The average person achieves a fraction of their true potential. I wonder if this has anything to do with the way we envision our lives (?) Do you see yourself in a self-deprecating, one down position in which you settle for remnants?

Do you view yourself as a conqueror, or as a person who is more frequently cowed by their circumstance? Our expectations are the most powerful indicators of who we become. Turn the page…

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Compliments of h.koppdelaney via Flickr

What some people mistake for the high cost of living is really the cost of high living.”   Doug Larson.

[The following is a guest blog post from Dr. Robert Giacalone, Professor of Human Resource Management at Temple University].

Everyone wants to be successful, but it seems that success is increasingly narrowly defined. It means that you are promotable, that you received raises, and that you helped the company make lots of money. It’s the aspirations we are all told are most important.

But let’s face it—there are lots of successful people who meet those criteria for success but fail miserably at those “less important” aspects of success. Put bluntly, they have all the status and wealth they want, but their family relationships, their sense of personal happiness and their life meaning have all gone sour. They live a rather glum existence. Turn the page…

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