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Begin each day with a purpose, which is segmented into goals – each goal with a focus on increasing happiness for someone else. If it’s a work related goal, the emphasis should be on performing a task to the best of your ability.

For example, how can you push the boundaries to create a unique product or service? How can you incorporate technology to make offerings better, and/or give customers superlative service?

Make sure your daily planning includes friends and family: how can you give to those who are closest? Can you send a card, perform a service, rekindle a friendship, mend fences, forgive, or simply do something thoughtful?

The overarching goal is to be an exemplary version of yourself through unwavering attention to detail in each aspect of your life. This will set in motion a pattern of release, so that everything you do is communion – meeting with others at the level which best serves you both. Make each act an offering of love and selflessness, and don’t look back.

Be fully focused on the present to give others your undivided self (whether this be time, attention, or a combination thereof). Live your life as if you will at a later time have to see each interaction in its entirety. The concept of life review suggests that this a real possibility.

One of my friends sent me an e-mail signifying a unique approach to life. She suggested viewing each day as a single compartmentalized unit, concentrating on being your absolute best for that 24 hour period. Later, you can look back on your life with a sense of satisfaction (knowing that you lived fully).

Live as is someone is watching. Whether you know it or not, they are.

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