Compliments of Claudio.AR via Flickr

Compliments of Claudio.AR via Flickr

On the cusp of 2015, myriad projects await each of us. These include: (1) dreams deferred from the last year; (2) new mountains we wish to climb; along with (3) many items that are not yet a twinkle in our eye. The tendency of time to flow though our fingertips necessitates a measured, planned methodical approach to ensure that we reach our desired trajectory.

As part of your New Year’s Resolution, did you commit to planning to ensure you made continual progress? Are there milestones along the way that you must achieve to reach your goals? Even if you don’t use planning software, a reminder of your destination should be on display at all times (as benchmarks to savor) to include enlarged screensaver desk shots, smart phone share alikes, and print versions that tease you toward the finish line.

Closing the gap between our current reality and what we wish to see takes effort – not just in working on the desired project, but in the process of continually assessing where we are, measuring it against our vision, and making necessary adjustments. Throwing happenstance to the wind and hoping for the best will most likely yield zero improvement, leaving you at the same place January 2016 where you currently find yourself.

Simply putting pen to paper creates the required forward motion.

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