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What’s rattling in the recesses of your mind? In The Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide, authors Redfield and Adrienne explore the impact of affirmations. Is what you’re saying about yourself mostly positive, or is it a declaration of defeat?

Self-talk is a powerful tool in the recipe for self-confidence. Unfortunately, we manufacture thoughts that diametrically oppose achieving potency. Thinking the worst is where many tend to gravitate. It takes concerted effort to reach the lofty levels of happiness – where we can envision the unlimited for ourselves. A recent issue of Women’s World provided some tips to lift our mood (below):

  • Exercise. A sense of isolation ensues when we keep to ourselves. As I’ve mentioned in past blog posts, walking the dog can provide a host of benefits: these include a workout, fresh air, and stimulation for you both. This activity may also increase social support, as you make new friends (an added bonus is that you might learn what’s happening in your neighborhood). A high maintenance model (like mine) wants to venture out at least four times a day, so I’m sure to run into someone. Over time these acquaintances can become friends.
  • Listen to music. At the moment I’ve got “Peace: Pure Classical Calm” playing in the background. Music has the ability to transport us to a different realm, evoke positive memories, and fix our minds on something other than worry. Exercise machines now even boast an iPod plugin, so you can be tapped into your favorite tune at any time. With the advent of electronics it’s even easier to access your favorites – many of these songs are now available on YouTube. Use social bookmarking to group your songs, and they’ll be available at the click of a mouse.
  • Pray. Our minds are constantly fixed upon varying topics, which may have negative consequences if left unattended. Based on the “laws of attraction,” that on which we focus may subsequently manifest in our lives.  If you let your thoughts rise to their highest level, you would find yourself in a state of non-worry.
  • Read. Lichterman suggests novels, as they create intense concentration in a make believe world. One book I’ve always wanted to read is Pride and Prejudice. I somehow don’t think that seeing the movie does the real story justice. Engaging in leisure activities stimulates our creative juices, and is restful to the brain. Visit another destination by reading – and see how refreshed you feel afterward!
  • Travel. My personal favorite activity to unwind. We need to remember that this is not the dress rehearsal, and that our time on earth is limited. Ergo putting off things that please us is unwise. Even if it’s only thirty miles from your home, consider staying in a luxury hotel and taking advantage of your city’s attractions. Treat yourself as your most valued house guest.
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