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Compliments of Vanessa (EY) via Flickr

What’s rattling in the recesses of your mind? In The Tenth Insight: An Experiential Guide, authors Redfield and Adrienne explore the impact of affirmations. Is what you’re saying about yourself mostly positive, or is it a declaration of defeat? Turn the page…

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Compliments of chiaralily via Flickr

[The following is a guest blog post from Dr. Norma Carr-Ruffino, Professor of Management, San Francisco State University].

Last week I talked about how he travel savvy of George Clooney’s Up-in-the-Air character has inspired many business travelers.  Part 1 focused on how to  arm yourself with the right bag that’s well packed with the right gear.  This week we will focus on gathering the right travel information for streamlining your journey.

Gather the Right Travel Info 
To begin, what do you need to know about your destination?  If it’s in the States, your planning will be relatively easy—but what if your business is in another country?  Either way, you need to know what type of weather to expect in order to decide which clothes to pack.  For other countries, what about money?  And maintaining contact with people back home?  Websites are the secret:  here are some very helpful sources. Turn the page…

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