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Compliments of Terry Pueblo-Paradiso

Perspective is lost through our obsession with productivity, and from our connection to a flat screen. Our devices of choice include ipads, e-readers, and of course, the PC/Mac. When was the last time you put them away? Turn the page…

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Compliments of videocrab via Flickr

We need to bring our use of time into closer alignment with our priorities in life (Perrotta, p. 39)

Diversions are a testament to what isn’t working in our lives. Instead of goal oriented planning to “clear the cobwebs,” we resort to activities that dull our senses.

TV is such a distraction. Time that could be spent exercising, conversing with friends, repairing relationships, and doing something productive is channeled into a mindless pastime.

In his book Taming the TV Habit, Perrotta reports the following: Turn the page…

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