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Compliments of Tolka Rover via Flickr

Sixty five years – don’t they go by in a blink. Meet Joe Black

Our time on earth is limited – but you’d never guess that by the way some people live. Although advancements in gene therapy and cryogenics attempt to lengthen our lifespan, there’s no denying that our most precious resource is in short supply. This fact was brought to my attention by the death of a dear friend, and the demise of a beloved colleague. After the twin towers collapsed, an onlooker commented, “I’m not going to do anything I don’t want to do.” Turn the page…

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We need to bring our use of time into closer alignment with our priorities in life (Perrotta, p. 39)

Diversions are a testament to what isn’t working in our lives. Instead of goal oriented planning to “clear the cobwebs,” we resort to activities that dull our senses.

TV is such a distraction. Time that could be spent exercising, conversing with friends, repairing relationships, and doing something productive is channeled into a mindless pastime.

In his book Taming the TV Habit, Perrotta reports the following: Turn the page…

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