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Compliments of HerryLawford via Flickr

Kissinger described diplomacy as “personal dialogue, not public confrontation.” We can agree to disagree by acknowledging the other side’s point of view. In so doing we ensure that our communication is other centered, instead of ego-centric. Below are some aggressive communication tactics designed to put others on the defensive (and, which should be avoided at all costs): Turn the page…

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Compliments of bpsusf via Flickr

What does it mean to be professional? I remember many years ago interviewing for a job in the computer industry, which at the time was considered “para-professional;” in other words, a  support staff position.

The more encompassing meaning of this word refers to how we conduct ourselves toward other people, and our self-presentation while we’re doing it. This concept is especially important for individuals in senior positions (those who are expected to set the example). Turn the page…

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