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Compliments of ABX via Flickr

What we need are people who can “dream, imagine, and envision the future.” [reported on CNN, 07/28/12].

Patsies address the boss with obsequious niceties. They are the corporate version of manservant, bobble heads who readily do their manager’s bidding. As testament to their dependence, they act much like trained seals. Bosses use patsies as a prop to prove their point, as collateral to stake a claim, or as an alibi to affirm their position. Patsies are a far cry from the irrepressible spirit that bucks authority.   Turn the page…

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Compliments of Threat to Democracy via Flickr

Never rat on your friends – Goodfellas

I’ve just finished reading “Snitch Culturein which the author claims “We now live in a society…where personal betrayal is seen as a virtue instead of the lowest form of human behavior.” He argues that “snitch lines” (in which people can anonymously report their peers), deny people the fundamental right and protection of our legal system: that of being able to confront the accuser. Turn the page…

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