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Compliments of sirwiseowl via Flickr

In Snitch Culture, Redden describes activity designed to politically disrobe opponents. Snitches desperately grasp for importance, instead of bestowing this importance on other people. They run to the boss’s office with the enthusiasm of one who has just unearthed a rare gem. I wonder –  would the same thing occur if the object of their derision did something stellar? Turn the page…

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Compliments of Morgan Jones via Flickr

In the wake of the twenty third anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Chinese state web censors banned terms like “never forget,” and code words for “planned protest.” The Chinese version of Twitter (Sina Weibo), penalizes users for messages about “formation of organizations, protests, demonstrations, mass gatherings and assemblies,” or phrases that might “undermine ethnic unity.” Turn the page…

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