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Compliments of the National Archives UK

In his book “The Power of Now,” Tolle emphasizes that the riches we seek are within – not to be found in other persons, drugs, experiences, or profession. He suggests that our inner wisdom is smothered by an endless stream of inner chatter. Turn the page…

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Prince Charlie Gilbert

We are attached and engaged, indivisible from our world, and our only fundamental truth is our relationship with it.  [Lynne McTaggart].

When we think of organization, paring down our possessions is usually what comes to mind. We typically do not consider that adding more into the mix could actually be transformative, both in terms of what we consider important and how we manage our time. Just five years ago I acquired (for the first time) a dog. I now have a high maintenance pet (a Japanese chin) to be exact, named Prince Charlie.

He helps me to organize my day because his activities are time dependent; I must now arise at a specific time to ensure that his day gets off to a good start (or face some very negative consequences!). Turn the page…

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