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In his book “The Power of Now,” Tolle emphasizes that the riches we seek are within – not to be found in other persons, drugs, experiences, or profession. He suggests that our inner wisdom is smothered by an endless stream of inner chatter.

When we falsely identify with intrusive thoughts, we become self-entwined – separated from the self that knows no limits. Falling into a black hole is the result of wrong thinking, and a failure to maintain ourselves in the manner that’s appropriate. Culprits include food intake (e.g., salt, sugar, alcohol) all of which can play havoc with our mood. In Success Principles, Canfield explains that lack of hydration can decrease our mental acuity. To keep ourselves in shape, consider the following:

  •  A physician previously exhorted: “Exercises, exercise, exercise.” Movement creates endorphins, your brain’s form of a natural high. I think we ignore this vital aspect because going somewhere seems like a hassle. What if instead you invested in yoga tapes, a Pilates board, a treadmill, or an elliptical machine? Different types of exercise within your routine introduce variety, as well as work several muscle groups.
  • Try some home cooking. Fast food is the easy way out – a quick fix to fill the belly. An alternative is to make delicious, home cooked meals that will nourish you throughout the week. In the Food Network Program 30 Minute Meals, Rachel Ray provides some great tips for making quick, healthy dinners. Eliminating fried foods, fats, and desserts (and simply sticking to the basic food groups) is a way to cut calories and boost your energy.
  • Socialize. Social support is one of the best ways to both lift your spirits and to find camaraderie. Research has found that strong ties combat stress, reinforce self-worth, and increase your sense of belonging. Is there a group today you could join, or even a club you could frequent (at which these associations might occur?). Surrounding yourself with friendship is one of the best assurances you can have.
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