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Compliments of dog.happy.art via Flickr

If I have unkind things to say, it’s because I’ve experienced unkind things [Nepo, 2000].

If you take someone who is uncelebrated and put a crown on their head, they will rise to the occasion. In the movie My Fair Lady, you’ve no doubt witnessed the impact that differential treatment can have on recipients. Individuals thus grow to behave according to the mirror image they see in the reactions of other people. We therefore flinch when the most “important” voices are left with the remains of the day. Turn the page…

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compliments of Jeanne-Erin via Flickr

Professional workshops consist of courses to enhance our standing at work: these include technical skills training or demeanor with clients (e.g., assertiveness and public speaking). Rarely do we think of character development as a critical tool in our employment portfolio. In this culture it seems that “clawing” your way to the top is common, with our gentler coworkers bearing the stripes of peers’ ruthless behavior. Turn the page…

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