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Compliments of Neil Cummings via Flickr

Both MindMap and SmartDraw have a “timeline” feature, which is handy for streamlining, and for delineating your mindmap deadlines into more definitive project segments. Below is a SmartDraw Gantt chart of the Organization Blog Project: 


Using e-mail programs (like Microsoft Outlook), timeline targets can be further segmented into daily “to do list items” (which can then be color coded, marked for follow-up, prioritized, and sorted by due date). Rememberthemilk.com also provides a daily “to do” list tracking mechanism which allows you to forward your priorities to other people, and to be reminded of important meetings. My favorite electronic tracking tool is Oracle’s Collaboration Suite Calendar, a web based application that can be accessed from anywhere, shared among group members, and color coded by event level of importance  – highest (red), high (pink), normal (yellow), low (light blue), and lowest (dark blue).  The combination of mindmap and timelines provides a cohesive framework from which to stay on track. Turn the page…

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