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Compliments of spettacolopuro via Flickr

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. In our attempts at making things perfect, we can fuss and piddle our way into a frenzy. Putting your best foot forward and letting go is perhaps your best course of action. Turn the page…

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Compliments of Axel Buhrmann via Flickr

 Pursuing things independently of others’ approval is the essence of entrepreneurial spirit (Adizes, 1979, p. 87). 

How often do we find ourselves doing things against our own desires, or sometimes even contrary to our own best interests? “Energetic prostitution” [Christel’s 6 point energy assessment for 2010] is a form of self-denial in which we engage in activities so that we may appear more “pleasing” to other people. Zukav and Francis (2001) coined the term “pleasers” for persons whose mindset is formed from hearing others’ opinions. Their intense desire to please is created by psychological dependence on others’ approval, a desire for their friendship, and the need to be liked. Effective time management suggests however that life is a balance, and that to be truly happy we need to please ourselves first. What we need then  is to regularly schedule pockets of time to refresh our spirits. Turn the page…

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