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Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. In our attempts at making things perfect, we can fuss and piddle our way into a frenzy. Putting your best foot forward and letting go is perhaps your best course of action.

I think the computer in this respect is part friend and part foe; it allows the ability to check and recheck 24/7, without boundaries or constraints. It’s been suggested that people who work at home actually log more hours by virtue that their work is always with them. With the advent of the smartphone, your job is only a keystroke away.

Over checking leads to a frenzied state of mind. Have you tried looking at the electronic medium [only] twice daily? I imagine that doing so would require restraint on the part of most people. Being conscientious is one thing, whereas being perfectionistic and constantly worrying is quite another.

Faith in the full measure of your success requires a “hands off” mentality once your project has reached fruition. In other words, you need to let it “rock and roll.” Putting things aside and moving forward is the only way to experience peace.

Perhaps a more productive outlet for your energy would be thinking about your future impact. What projects have been coagulating in the corners of your mind, waiting for the right degree of effort, luck, and persistence to emerge? Instead of over control of the past, what about controlled momentum for the future? It’s impossible to be productive when focused on what’s occurred. Let it go, go forward, and give it all you’ve got. Letting fate take its course fulfills you to realize your future.

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