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Compliments of Bright Tal via Flickr

[The following is a guest blog post from Dr. Norma Carr-Ruffino, Professor of Management, San Francisco State University].

The travel savvy of George Clooney’s Up-in-the-Air character has inspired many business travelers.  Like me, you may be asking, How can I too arm myself with the right bag that’s well packed with the right gear?  Here are some travel-savvy secrets that I discovered.

Choose the Right Bag

Savvy travelers don’t struggle with big, clumsy bags, and they don’t waste time in baggage claim—at least not for short trips.  Instead they use the 22” Spinner Carry-on.  For longer trips, you could check a larger Spinner Garment Bag and carry-on a small wheeled bag.  In all cases, be sure you have adequate baggage identification. Turn the page…

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