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Compliments of D-Downer via Flickr

Bullies create a back channel to the abyss – an aperture to a dormant resting state of terror, obsession, paranoia, and fear – a sidelines quicksand waiting to devour our sanity. In What Dreams May Come, Matheson states that each of us has access to dark thought. Some of us consciously choose misery (and in so doing) inflict targets with a self-blaming form of affliction.  Turn the page…

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Compliments of Lofqvist via Flickr

“Let me warm up my hands” is what we do before beginning a task. Do we think of warming an alliance, kickstarting what could be mutual admiration, or establishing interrelationships with the same degree of forethought and planning? Carelessness remains the reason our associations are not as meaningful (or as plentiful) as they could be. Turn the page…

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