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Compliments of laurinkofler

Sometimes it takes the preposterous to put us in overdrive. We tend to shy away from tough spots, intractable conflict, and that which makes us uncomfortable. It is however these very situations that transform us from sniveling cowards into unstoppable forces. Turn the page…

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compliments of !anaughty via Flickr

How often in the past have you kept misgivings to yourself, simply so you wouldn’t make waves or rock the boat? Are there occasions when you chose not to speak your conscience so that you can be viewed as being “one of the gang?” It’s at these times of voluntary silence that we need to ask ourselves “Who are we trying to please and why?” Pleasers do a disservice to their firms because they rob them of their unique talents. Wall flowers, corporate moles, and office sycophants are less than fully utilized assets because they choose silence, and because they sometimes assume blame when it’s undeserved. Turn the page…

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