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Sometimes it takes the preposterous to put us in overdrive. We tend to shy away from tough spots, intractable conflict, and that which makes us uncomfortable. It is however these very situations that transform us from sniveling cowards into unstoppable forces.

Facing difficulty exhumes otherwise dormant skills. If your presumed “headaches” had not occurred, would you have become a stronghold? Has straddling between a rock and a hard place (in the long run) perfected your life, promoted new ideas, launched a successful business, or forged an enduring relationship? Some belief systems actually embrace suffering for the resulting purification it provides. That difficult person or that obnoxious conversation may thus be pivotal in your development. Novel skill sets seldom emerge from the status quo.

Best laid plans gone awry can help us in surmounting obstacles; they can become the toolkits that later build character.  When we become obstinate, roadblocks refuse to unfold their message. Turning the kaleidoscope of current challenge is like prospecting for hidden gems – it helps us to see more clearly the “rich bits” of what we had previously considered a royal pain.

We appear regal when we not only bear our crosses with grace, but when we transform our situation into something beneficial. Your difficulty can become a diamond if perceived from the right perspective. Becoming anxious, depressed, self-pitying, and out of sorts merely delays your growth process. “Lean in,” go with the flow, and roll with the punches. It’s so much more difficult to fight a current than it is to swim downstream. If you’re facing an onerous break, consider the following:

  • Ask why. The simple act of questioning puts you in a mode to receive your response. Intuition, our “inner voice,” becomes operative in the silence. In The Success Principles, Canfield describes the unparalleled clarity he experienced during a weeklong meditation retreat. Take active steps to cultivate this inner tool by creating enough space for solitude.
  • Become your best self despite bearing a load. One can make lemonade with a positive attitude, a smile on one’s face, and a “can do” spirit. In the midst of battle marching forward is our only True North. One day at a time propels us forward to the flip side of heavy spirits.
  • Look for help by giving it. Focusing on others many times helps us to forget our troubles, or at least to put them in a new perspective.
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