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Sometimes we suffer malaise in our space because our things are worn, old, or simply not pleasing to the eye. An energy booster in your present surroundings could be removing (and or rearranging) your personal belongings.

Items which you introduce do not have to be new, but they should be new to you. Some great places to rummage include thrift stores, garage sales, outside other people’s offices (I routinely place unwanted items outside my office door), library fundraiser sales (if you’re in the market for books), your attic, along with antique shops. A refreshing change of accessories can give your work space an entirely new look and make you want to stay there longer.

Shedding the worn, used, and no longer functional may be just what you need to jump start your day. A former colleague (to welcome her work week), even sent herself flowers each Monday. Sometimes it takes a third party to gently jolt you out of a rut. This can be a colleague, a family member, or friend. Have them perform an honest evaluation of your space – what is no longer serving your purpose, what is not stylish, and what simply looks like clutter. Sometimes we hang onto items for sentimental reasons, a reminder of relationships severed long ago. Their absence could breathe new life into a stale space.

Things that are old fashioned, unmatched, dirty, damaged, or dated are ideal items for the chopping block. Consider severing emotional ties to items bequeathed by friends long forgotten, colleagues who are no longer in sight, and people from years past whom you no longer see. What items could replace these?

It could be simply a matter of  proper display. Recently I ordered an acrylic stand to showcase a postcard that has professional meaning – this replaced a fake plant that no longer looked good or served its purpose.

If something is broken, replace it. A serendipitous occurrence happened last year, in that a dated stained glass fell to the floor. This forced me to shop for something more befitting to my space.  My new piece brightens the space, looks attracive, and better matches mydécor. If your surroundings have changed and your accessories haven’t, perhaps it’s time to rearrange what you have. In stores, what speaks to you?

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Today, tear a misplaced allegiance from the unnecessary to welcome that which will increase your happiness.

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