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Compliments of Jordi via Flickr

One by one, businesses succumb to the weaknesses of a singular member; actors or actresses who create a firestorm, one that garners the attention of potential investors, stockholders, and social media. Perpetrators are summarily chastised, disciplined, vilified, and sometimes ejected from the firm. The company may instigate a one on one training to address problem issues, but once things blow over, Has anything really changed? Or, is it still business as usual? Turn the page…

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Compliments of Flickr via http://www.CGPGrey.com

Tidying up, decluttering, and making peace with our possessions in the Marie Kondo method has captivated many people. We are now ruthlessly cleaning out closets, and pondering the material gluttony that got us into our mess of things. Retail therapy and the thrill-seeking of putting just one more object into our baskets can have unintended consequences. Turn the page…

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