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Tidying up, decluttering, and making peace with our possessions in the Marie Kondo method has captivated many people. We are now ruthlessly cleaning out closets, and pondering the material gluttony that got us into our mess of things. Retail therapy and the thrill-seeking of putting just one more object into our baskets can have unintended consequences. Turn the page…

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A “truly human” leader has an overriding passion for caring.

Last month, I had the unique privilege of speaking with Mr. Bob Chapman – Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies. Despite his many responsibilities (which include heading a global empire comprised of 12,000 employees), he devoted one half hour of his valuable time to discuss the philosophy of Barry-Wehmiller [a company where everyone is treated as “somebody’s precious child”]. A place in which workers are led (and not managed), and in which Everybody Matters. “Bosses” who would traditionally “manage” behave instead as beacons of transparency, encouragement, and support. Leadership at Barry-Wehmiller consists of individuals in “power” who lead cohorts who learn from one other, in a place where success is measured by “the way we touch lives of people.” Turn the page…

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