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People with a lack of restraint behave poorly. The Time magazine special issue entitled “The Science of Good & Evil” describes psychopaths, narcissists, and narcissistic psychopaths who embody the trait of evil; people who regularly engage in manipulation, profiteering, and unmitigated self-concern. Would these same individuals (and those who display similar traits on a more sporadic basis) be less inclined to misbehave if their paycheck was impacted? If the rules, guidelines, and standards of conduct were communicated (and enforced) so that expected norms were indisputable? The Tennessee Model Abusive Conduct Prevention Policy provides guidelines for civil behavior, and a definition of evil conduct: Turn the page…

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We hold on tightly to our problems. Clutching them fast, we ruminate and try to figure out the best solution by ourselves.

Pointed focus on a singular outcome causes tension, whereas relaxation holds the door open to a host of possibilities. When you have done all you can do and it’s in someone else’s hands, rest. Turn the page…

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