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Compliments of Howard County Library System via Flickr

I felt so abused, so punished, so violated, so deeply hurt, and eventually very angry that I could not defend myself.” The Civility Solution

Forni suggests that rudeness flexes the “strength” of others. It is in his estimation an attempt to “…show off, dominate, intimidate [and] coerce.” Turn the page…

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Compliments of roberthuffstutter via Flickr

Walter Mitty (a fictional character) is a man who finds his escape in fantasy. Forever the hero in his high flying adventures, he fails to appreciate what sits squarely before him. I think that all of us (to some extent) suffer from the same delusion – thinking that the grass is always greener, wishing we were more glamorous, wealthier, less encumbered, and more widely recognized for our presumed greatness. Turn the page…

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