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Compliments of Tomas Carillo via Flickr

“Think first about what you want and where you’re going.” [Don Aslett].

Organization reduces stress because it enhances your reputation (Hayes, 1993). Moreover, McCormack (1985) argued that your boss is judging you on three criteria: (1) commitment; (2) attention to detail; and (3) immediate follow-up. Inadequacy with regard to organization makes the fulfillment of any of these three items difficult. McCormack further explains: “I believe the way an office looks – how neat and clean it is, how streamlined it is set up – can have a profound effect on how quickly things get done…; When you walk into an office that looks disorganized, you start to feel disorganized” (1985, pp. 239-240). Feeling overwhelmed can easily set in once clutter, or “life plaque” (Blanke, 2010) has begun to accumulate. The elimination of stuff brings clarity into a space in which chaos has been eliminated.

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Compliments of Runs with Scissors via Flickr

“A well planned storage system can transform your working life. ” [ Lorrie Mack].

Some projects never get off the ground, or once launched, fail to reach completion. Most times the culprit is a lack of a comprehensive master plan to guide your activity over the course of a project. A general activity map, combined with a detailed timeline, can orchestrate future accomplishments in a carefully planned and easy to follow manner. A popular way of pictorially representing your projects (whether they include planning a speech, preparing a lecture, or designing an empirical study) is through mind mapping. Tony Buzan, co-author of Get ahead: Mind Map® Your Way to Success describes the mindmap as “a swiss army knife of the brain,” because it has the potential to unleash creativity and ideas through “branches” that simulate dendrite connections. Turn the page…

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