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Electronic upgrades can result in toys that easily (and quickly) become obsolete, creating a wasteland of outdated gadgets within our homes and office. If we are not careful, clutter can emerge. Upgrades galore (and multiple devices later) a treasure trove awaited me in an upstairs closet: consisting of (1) a busted, no longer functional Smart phone (with corresponding Otter) and charger for the same device; (2) an outdated notebook computer; (3) a laptop; (4) a digital frame (hidden in its original packing for an entire year); along with (5) a new SurfacePro 4, mouse-pad, power cord, and USB port hub.

 I paired down/reorganized by:


  • Taking the Smartphone to Best Buy recycle, where parts will be salvaged/reused/molded into other products.
  • Donating my obsolete notebook (along with cell charger and Otter) to charity.
  • Refurbishing the laptop, and reloading Microsoft Windows so it is now useful.
  • Assembling the digital frame, after scanning a host of pictures I had been saving for years – that I now can enjoy!
  • Ordering a Samsonite notebook case to house my Surface Pro 4 and its accoutrements.

In The Success Principles, Canfield explains that when we clear out what we don’t want, wealth finds its way to us. Somehow less is more, in that we are not continually bombarded at eye level with a host of things that do not serve our purpose.


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