Compliments of Teresa Robinson via Flickr

Compliments of Teresa Robinson via Flickr

This summer I’m chipping away at my meta-plan for the tri-month period. There’s something about putting items on paper (in a linear fashion) that galvanizes me to take action, and to keep inching forward toward the finish line.

Meta-goals can be delineated into weekly sub-targets, which provide a daily plan of attack. At the end of my allotted time period I may not have fully accomplished my wish list, but at least I’ve made more progress than if I’d sat on my laurels making a Hail Mary pass for something to happen.

Zig Ziglar said, “I’ve never seen a depressed person with goals.” Plans keep your mind occupied, activating your brains’ reticular vision so that you take notice of what’s in your periphery. Planning may at first seem superfluous, but in the grand scheme of things your small efforts applied longitudinally will accumulate.

Getting the wheels turning takes willpower, but ultimately once in motion you will gain momentum. After you’ve been faithfully planning for a while not doing so will leave you antsy, with an acute awareness of your non-adherence to routine.

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