Compliments of Bill Gracey via Flickr

Compliments of Bill Gracey via Flickr

[The following is a guest blog post from Terri Sterling, owner of Sterling Communications]

Here is my promise to you: If you will focus on something in your business, you will get results.

This is one of my core beliefs. I know this. For sure. If we will focus on one business goal or objective, and we will spend time on it, we will get results. Doesn’t that sound easy? Then why don’t we do it?

Because we are afraid. We are afraid we will fail. We are afraid we will be rejected. We are afraid, deep down inside, that we aren’t good.

99% of the time—we are dead wrong about all of that.

When I first started my business, more than 25 years ago, I had a three-and-a-half year old and a newborn baby with colic. I quit a great executive position to start my own business. Nobody, except my best friend, thought it was a good idea. I had a great job, a great boss, autonomy, a good salary, great benefits, time off…yada, yada, yada. You get the picture.

But I had a fire in my belly. And that’s what it took. I started that business, and I promised my husband that if I couldn’t get some traction in six months, I’d get a J-O-B. I knew I could get a J-O-B anytime.

Thankfully, I had some traction within that six months. I grew my business from there, and then…I moved. Two states away.

And I started my business all over again, in a community where I knew not one single soul.

I was scared to death both times, but I focused. I kept on. I mushed on. I put myself out there. I had to risk myself, rejection, failure, not being “good.” I had to Just. Do. It.

It’s all about focus. You can do seemingly impossible things if you will pick one…and focus. Try it. I dare you.


This post was originally published on, and is reprinted with permission.


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