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Compliments of dolanh via Flickr

Recently (over winter break) I had the entire inside of my house painted. This was on the heels of having the wood floor replaced, the tiles repaired, and the kitchen remodeled. This spring (after a long stretch of continuously doing something to “spruce up” the house), I’ve decided to call it quits. Turn the page…

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Compliments of jo-h via Flickr

How often do we find ourselves going across the country (or even half way around the world) to visit tourist attractions, when we haven’t taken advantage of everything surrounding us? The “not in my backyard” syndrome seems to prevent us from enjoying what’s offered locally unless visitors arrive. I would probably not have seen the Rockettes, the Hermitage, and the Belle Mead mansion had it not been for an out of town visitor. When I lived in Houston, I visited NASA once (when I was thirteen). Because local haunts are “always available” there is no corresponding sense of urgency, which is why many times we pass them by. Turn the page…

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