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Where to begin?

Photo compliments of MTSU Photographic services

This question is often a stumbling block for individuals who are thinking about rearranging their space. While my office circa 2008 looked relatively ordered to an outside observer, the space beneath my desk and inside of my drawers was teaming with all manner of things unsorted. The first thing I did was to visualize the big picture – what would I want my finished space to look like after a major excavation and a series of fine tunings? In The Intention Experiment, McTaggart describes how mental rehearsal can result in self fulfilling prophecy, in that we can program our psyches to experience a different reality – in this case transmitting an image of what we would already like to see completed to our mind’s eye. Whenever I thought of my office, I saw not what I had, but the end result of what I wanted to experience.  Turn the page…

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