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Compliments of Dimitris Kalogeropoylos via Flickr

Twenty-four hours is all any of us are granted in a day. 1440 “jewel encrusted minutes,” that we can either use wisely, or squander in an irresponsible fashion. Reclaiming our time occurs with concerted effort, as Turner explains in The Fringe Hours (and accompanying website) that includes work sheets – an hour by hour tracker for each day of the week, so that short falls in being good stewards (with our time) appear obvious. Electronics have usurped everyone’s free time on a grand scale, swallowing up hours in which we could be doing a host of things other than Internet surfing. Turn the page…

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Compliments of Thai Jasmine via Flickr

The norms of a large clique are embedded within “culture” – a shared identity that defines one set, and delineates the other as separate. Navigating inter-culturally can be a challenge, especially if we have not strayed far from our roots. In another’s ethnic enclave, everything appears exotic – even something so simple as dialing a number, or using a bathroom. Cognitive flexibility (e.g., the ability to view events from multiple perspectives) is an acquired skill, one gleaned from diverse interaction and appreciation of difference. If you feel hamstrung by a cloistered upbringing, consider the following: Turn the page…

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